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Tooling Department

As a true manufacturer, Pacific Coast Bolts offers all markets the ability to address custom requirements. This is very important to engineers and OEMs who need a non-standard bolting or fastening requirement.

At Pacific Coast Bolt Corporation we have our own tooling department and create many different styles of heads for our hot forging process. With the tooling department, we can take a customer’s custom drawing and create tooling from the drawing. This includes special configurations or depressed stamping formed on the top of the head. This gives us the flexibility to quote items that most fastener companies won’t.

Our tooling department also supports our manufacturing department with the ability to machine special features on our fasteners. Special features may include drilled holes, undersized bodies, grooves for o-rings, slotting and flats to name a few

Since our tooling department lead person has over 35 years of experience in the bolt manufacturing industry, we are confident that we can meet your bolting needs, even if they are not standard.

Tony Daniels
General Manager
Our Team



Our Team