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Roll Threading & Tooling

Pacific Coast Bolt Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of our updated website – a one-stop resource for engineers, planners and procurement individuals who require technical as well as commercial data.

After visiting us, let our knowledgeable sales professionals assist you with your “nuts and bolts” questions. We look forward to earning your trust.

Tony Daniels, GM

Roll Threading

Roll threading is the method of choice for high volume threading applications. It is a cold forming process completed at ambient temperature, producing chip-less threads.

In addition to allowing for high volume manufacturing, roll threading also is the preferred process for producing fasteners that must hold extremely tight thread tolerances and extra inherent strength.

The threaded forms produced by roll threading are commonly mandated in the aerospace, petrochemical and power markets where specifications have beendeveloped to meet pressure and temperature requirements.

Tooling Department

Many of our customers have unique fastener requirements. Pacific Coast Bolt can address our customers non-standard specifications through our Tooling Department, creating the dies necessary for the forging process.

A Non-standard item for an OEM is an issue that only a manufacturer can address. Forging a non-standard item requires an expertise that only skilled machinists possess.

Please feel free to contact us in the early stage of design and we will work with
you to insure on-time delivery

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domestic bolt manufacture
domestic manufacture
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