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Recent Manufacturing Upgrades

It is already Spring and Pacific Coast Bolt Corp. is on a roll! After a strong 2014, we continue to supply our industrial fasteners to the power, petroleum refining, chemical and water treatment markets from California to New York.

In this issue, we address the recent upgrades to our manufacturing capabili-ties. We have been very fortunate to have been involved in many combined cycle and AQCS projects, and we have included a link to a presentation that offers details on the materials that we supplied.

Again, we thank you, our valued customers, and we look forward to being of continued service.

Robert Gardner / President

“Air” Upgrade

All manufacturing facilities run on “air”, compressed air actually, not the sales variety! Thus, to make certain our machines are “humming” without interrup-tion, we are installing a new Kaiser Rotary Screw Compressor as the primary source of air and retaining the older model as an emergency back-up. This will afford us an uninterrupted supply of compressed air for our manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Equipment – Forging

One of our company’s unique capabilities is our hot forging process. It is here that we have the ability to heat raw materials to approximately 2000 degrees F and forge the bolt heads to hex, square, track, carriage, socket and even penta heads. Thus we have invested in a new Ambrell Ekoheat 75Kw solid state in-duction furnace which will reduce forging costs -savings which can be passed on to our customers!

Chamfering is the process of placing a 45 degree angle on the end of the bolt, allowing easy thread start. PCB’s new chamfering machine will not only cut the 45 degree angle but place our company’s symbol along with the bolt’s ma-terial grade in one process. This new machine will not only increase our pro-duction capability but continues to insure our customers receive quality prod-uct with proper markings and traceability.

Our Team

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General Manager
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domestic bolt manufacture
domestic manufacture
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