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Willmington Railroad, Rehab & Expansion


For over 30 years Pacific Coast Bolt has been supplying fasteners to Construction industries. The core industries serviced by Pacific Coat Bolt are: Steel Fabrication and Erection, and Heavy Civil.
For the Steel Fabrication and Heavy Civil Industries we are proud to stock:

  • A325 and A490 Hex and TC bolts
  • 307A Machine Hex Bolts
  • F1554-36 and F1554-105 Hex Bolts
  • A563 DH Heavy Hex Nuts, A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts, and more.
  • F436 Hardened Flat Washer
  • Anchor Bolts ASTM F1554 GR.36
  • Anchor Bolts ASTM F1554 GR.55
  • Anchor Bolts ASTM F1554 GR.105
  • Cutting tools for shop or field drilling
  • Wedge Anchors *We stock Wedge Anchors that meet ICC codes for cracked and uncracked concrete.
  • Various Mechanical Anchors *some styles also meet ICC codes for cracked and uncracked concrete.
  • All Thread Anchors
  • Epoxy and Chemical Anchors *We stock epoxy that meet ICC codes for cracked and uncracked concrete.

As a manufacturer we provide custom Foundation Bolts in a variety of styles and materials. To ensure accuracy, Foundation Bolts are manufactured per customer drawing. Some of the materials we stock include:

  • A36, F1554-36, F1554-55, F1554-105, A449, and A354BD

The Foundation Bolts we provide include:

  • Headed Anchor Bolts, Double End Rods, Single End Rods, Full Thread Rods, L-Shaped Anchor Bolts, J-Shaped Anchor Bolts, Rods with Nuts Welded, Rods with Plates Welded, Cage Assemblies etc.

At Pacific Coast Bolt, we can ship same day from our inventory of Structural Bolts, Threaded Rod, and Anchors. For custom fabricated material, your deadline is our deadline.
When an emergency arises, or the job schedule is tight, we will deliver the fastener you need to meet your deadline.