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Quality Considerations

In our last newsletter, we detailed one of our recent power projects, the con-struction of the Newark Energy Center in New Jersey, as well as addressing the equipment upgrades that we have undertaken for our plant’s operation.

For this issue, we would like to address in more depth the subject of quality, and how quality is a cultural issue within Pacific Coast Bolt.

As a family owned business, we are proud that every bolt head marked with PC represents our family’s commitment to excellence. Our products are manufactured to applicable ASTM and ANSI specifications, as we understand our responsibility to provide our customers with materials that meet the crite-ria they have mandated.

Pacific Coast Bolt considers its fasteners too important to fail and, as such, let us tell you about our quality control operations.

Robert Gardner

Material Procurement

Pacific Coast Bolt procures raw, and sometimes finished, product from both domestic and foreign suppliers.

Generally, the vast majority of our suppliers are ISO certified. As such, a copy of their ISO certificate is always on file. Should the supplier not be ISO certi-fied, a quality manual is requested and a procedure is in place to audit the sup-plier.

Our company takes care to make certain that we are in complete compliance with the law, as well as the guidelines and specifications set forth by our cus-tomer. In 1999, the U.S. Congress found that “mismarked, misrepresented and counterfeit fasteners do enter the United States.”


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