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Power Generation Bolting

It is easy to think of a power plant in terms of its major components: the tur-bine generator, boiler, HRSG, condenser, etc. These major components have the attention of the design engineers and project management from the plant’s inception. What sometimes takes a back seat are the nuts, bolts and gaskets that secure the mechanical parts together.

Although the bolt may be one of the plant’s smallest components, it’s im-portance is immeasurable. Bolt failure can result in equipment failure, plant shutdown and worse … a substantial safety hazard.

At PACIFIC COAST BOLT CORP, we take quality very seriously, both in the man-ufacturing process and our determination to supply your product in the strict-est accord with your engineer’s specifications.

Over the years, we have provided nuts, bolts and gaskets for fossil and solar plant construction and maintenance. We look forward to reviewing your bolting requirements and becoming a key component in your project’s success-ful operation.

Robert Gardner


Our Team