Never Gall’s headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company is family owned, having developed in 2013 a coating process to prevent galling and/or seizing involved with stainless steel bolting..

The advantages involved with the Never Gall process includes:

bolt and fastener distributor

The elimination of galling and seizing on
stainless steel, titanium and aluminum
bolt and nut threads

Under normal conditions and use, Never Gall is considered a
permanent anti-seize lubricant under which thread
dings, dents, sand, paint and debris are not
considered a deterrent.

Allows reuse without Teflon tape or anti seize

Allows for re-usable meter bolts with a
lifetime warranty that saves utilities
thousands of dollars during it’s lifetime

domestic bolt manufacture
domestic manufacture

Increasing Safety

Virtually eliminates the need for cut off tools and
torches – easy removal of the nut without any special
process or equipment.  Use of Never Gall decreases time
your crew will need to remain in dangerous situations.

Increasing Productivity

Never Gall eliminates the application time and mess
associated with the use of anti-seize lubricants. No
clean up is necessary in post-production of equipment
or prior to painting with 2 part epoxy coatings.

domestic manufacture
domestic bolt manufacture

Future Cost Savings

Extended life cycle costs, along with potential
multiple use under manufacturer’s recommended conditions.

In addition to these advantages, Never Gall included a Limited Warranty to never seize when used in accordance with the bolt and nut manufacturer’s recommended torque values. Should you ever have to cut off a bolt and nut covered with Never Gall, due to galling or seizing, Never Gall will send you a new bolt and nut free of charge! Please check their website for the Limited Warranty details.


domestic manufacture