Our waterworks department is the largest group within our organization.  John Ponting, Vice President of Waterworks, (jponting@pacificcoastbolt.com) and his team work with U.S. distributors to technically evaluate a projects requirements and provide solutions to an infrastructure so vital to all of us.

In today’s demanding times, your sales representative must understand the ramifications and requirements of “Buy America”, “Buy American” and “AIS Compliant”.  Our waterworks department interfaces daily with distributors throughout the U.S., from the Pacific Shores to Long Island and south to Florida, and are seasoned professionals who, not only understand a water district’s or sewerage authority’s requirements, but can respond with the right material in the time frame required.

Through distribution, our waterworks department has provided critical bolting requirements on projects throughout the U.S. including:

  • MWMP2019 East Hudson Street / New York, NY
  • South Bermuda WRF / Orlando, FL
  • Lane City Reservoir Improvements / Wharton, TX
  • NC35G Newtown Creek Upgrade 1 / New York, NY
  • Michelson IRWD Recycling Plant / Irving, CA
  • MED600 E 59th Street Water Main / New York, NY
  • Sacramento River WTP Rehab / Sacramento, CA

In many of these projects, because of the diversity in product and the complexity of the jobsite, our distributor requested special “kitting” which involved packaging of dissimilar items per site location and/or drawing number, thus reducing valuable field labor and loss of materials.

General waterworks products include:

  • Flange Bolt/Stud Sets
  • BFV Bolt Sets
  • HDPE Bolt Sets
  • MJ T-Bolt Sets
  • Track Bolts
  • Hydrant Sets
  • Break Off Bolts Sets
  • Break Off Bolts Sets
  • Wafer Bolt Sets
  • Lug BFV Bolt Sets
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Flange NSF61 Insulation Kits

Waterworks materials include:

  • Type 304 S/S
  • A320 Grades B8, B8M, L7 & L7M
  • A194 Grades 2H, 2HM, 4,7, 8, 8A, 8M & 8MA
  • 307 Gr A & B
  • A35n4 Grades BD & BC
  • A325
  • Grade 5, Grade 8 F1554-36-55 & 105
  • Type 316 S/S
  • A193 B7, B16, B6, B8, B8m, B8 Class II & B8M Class II
  • A449 Ty 1
  • A572, A588
  • A49
  • A453 Grade 660

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