Extremely corrosive environments are inherent in the chemical and petrochemical industries.  Thus, the fasteners used in these conditions must possess excellent corrosion resistance, as well as resistance to the inherent chemical, and compatible with high temperatures.

In these environments, our fasteners are used in a wide array of applications including both piping and equipment, including:

  • Pipelines and Flange connections,

  • Valves and Pumps,

  • Pressure Vessels,

  • Reactors,

  • Heat Exchangers,

  • Process Piping Skids

…and other critical equipment in the manufacturing processes.

Products for these markets might include:

  • Stud Bolts

  • Hex Bolts & Heavy Hex Bolts

  • Hex Nuts

Popular Materials

  • B6

  • B7 & B7M

  • B8 & B8M

  • B16

  • L7
  • L7M
  • Type 316/316L S/S
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Duplex Stainless
  • Hastelloy C276
  • Alloy 20

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