In the Oil, Gas and Refining markets, the bolting used can be subject to Low Temperatures, High Temperatures, Pressure, Corrosion, Erosion and/or other factors.  The fasteners may be used in pipelines and/or engineered equipment.  Whatever the application, bolt failure presents risks to human life; may result in tremendous financial loss and can have a very harmful effect upon the environment.

As a result, oil & gas fasteners must meet ASTM/ASME A193/A194 specifications.  In addition, the API (American Petroleum Institute) has published “Materials Selection for Bolting”, with Specifications 20E and 20F.  The new standard is intended to “assist companies in choosing the correct materials in manufacturing low alloy, stainless steel, and nickel-based fasteners that are resistant to the effects of harsh environmental conditions faced both on land and offshore.”

Common to these industries are the following products:

  • Heavy Hex Bolts

  • Heavy Square Nuts

  • Flat & Lock Washers

  • Stud Bolts

  • Hex Nuts

  • Anchor Bolts

Materials include:

  • B7 & B7M

  • B8 & B8M

  • B16

  • L7

  • Grade 7

  • Type 316/316L

  • Grade 2H & Grade 7

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