Pacific Coast Bolt Corp. has long supported businesses that sustain, repair and construct our country’s infrastructure.  Roads & bridges, railways, tunnels – along with our water and gas supply – are the installations that sustain American society and our bolting products have been shipped to all 50 States in that support.

Modern society depends upon proper functioning of these installations, and the contractors who sustain their operation.  In this regard, David Escarcega ( works with national engineering/construction concerns, as well as mechanical and general contractors, in providing quality bolting products – on time, on budget and to spec!

Some of the special products Pacific Coast Bolt provides for infrastructure needs include:

  • F1554 Large Diameter Anchor Bolts (Foundation Bolts)
  • Chemical Anchor Bolts
  • Mechanical Anchor Bolts
  • F3125 Grade A325 & A490 Structural Bolts
  • ASTM A194 Grade 2H & A563 Grade 2H Nuts
  • Bent Anchor Bolts
  • U Bolts & Pipe Supports
  • Strut & Accessories
  • All-Thread Rod: Standard, Metric, ACME & Coil Thread
  • Gaskets & Joint Filler

In addition, Pacific Coast Bolt inventories pre-tested and pre-certified bolt blanks, including:

  • ASTM 307B
  • A193 B7
  • A193B8/B8M
  • A193 B8/B8M Class II (Selected Diameters)

Call (562-944-9549) or email David ( with your next infrastructure requirement.

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