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Total Piping Solutions, Inc. is a key supplier of water and sewer main pipe joining, repair and tapping products in the North American Market.  Incorporate in New York State in December, 2001, Total Piping Solutions was established to manufacture and distribute products ranging from pipe couplings, pipe repair clamps, pipe saddles, and pipe tapping products including flanged end tapping sleeve, mechanical joint end tapping sleeves and line stop fittings.  Products are marketed under the following trade names: Triple Tap® Tapping Sleeves and Triple Tap Line Stop® fittings.

Located south of Buffalo, in Olean, New York, Total Piping Solutions operates from a modern state of the art manufacturing facility.  Total Piping Solutions is dedicated to the supply of products that save time, money, reduce inventory, and improves performance.  The product line includes a high value added portfolio of engineered products intended to make the installers life easier and the utilities job more efficient. 

Their products for the water and wastewater industries range from 1/2 to 36 inches in diameter and include:

  • Triple Tap Tapping Sleeves: 4”-30”; Up to 250 PSI working pressure & temperatures to 180F
  • Triple Tap Line Stop Fittings: 4”-30”; Up to 250 PSI working pressure & temperatures to 180F
  • Quick-Cam Hot Tapping Saddles: ¾”-4”; Up to 150 PSI; NBR Gasket Temp to 180F & EPDM temp to 212F
  • Quick Cam Line Stop Fittings: ¾”-4”; Up to 150 PSI & temperatures to 212F
  • T3 Service Saddles: 4”-30”; Up to 250 PSI & temperatures to 180F
  • TX3 Wide Range Transition Coupling: 2”-12”; Up to 260 PSI & temperatures to 180F
  • Quick Cam Wide Range Pipe Repair Clamp: 2”-36”; Up to 200 PSI & temperatures to 180F
  • Quick Sleeve Bell Joint Repair Clamp: 2”-12”; Up to 225 PSI & temperatures to -20F to 150F
  • Quick Clamp: ½” to 6”; Up to 150 PSI & temperatures to 180F
  • Series 6000 Compression Fittings: ½” -2”; Up to 150 PSI & temperatures -40F to 212F

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