An Original Equipment Manufacturer is generally perceived as a company that produces parts, equipment, components or systems that are used in another company’s end product, thus adding more value to the client.

Pacific Coast Bolt relies on forty+ years of manufacturing expertise to partner with our OEM customers, in many cases producing custom bolts designed for a specific use.  Our company’s OEM customer base includes manufacturers in the …

  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation (Fossil and Solar)
  • Refining, and
  • Water/Wastewater/Waterworks markets.


bolt and fastener distributor

Manufacturing bolts used by an original equipment manufacturer necessitates a closeness between our company and the OEM, and may begin at the developmental stage of product design. In many cases, our manufacturing team may offer value added suggestions to decrease cost and increase efficiency. In the event a custom bolt is required, we will create a prototype for your approval.

If a standard bolt does not fit the application, Pacific Coast Bolt will draw upon our inventory of certified blanks or round bar – carbon, stainless and alloy – and manufacture the engineered bolt to the exact specifications of our customer’s drawing’s. Our Hot Forging Process allows us the ability to heat raw material to approximately 2000 degrees F, forging the bolts heads to hex, square, track, carriage, socket and penta heads through 2 ¼”. We likewise have the ability to thread through 4” – UN, UNC (Coarse) and UNF (Fine).

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bolt and fastener distributor

In terms of yield, Pacific Coast Bolt’s manufacturing capabilities, coupled with our distribution and logistics’ assets, allow us to support OEM projects of any size and complexity. Many OEM projects involve a single large piece of equipment such as a HRSG in a power plant or a piece of rotating equipment in a wastewater treatment plant. Other OEM projects might involve pumps or automobiles on an assembly line. In either case, Pacific Coast Bolt has your fastener solution.

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