Pacific Coast Bolt’s manufacturing capabilities, coupled with
our large inventory of bolting products, allows us the ability
to fulfill the vast majority of our customers bolting requirements.

Many of PCB’s customers provide us with specific drawings
representing an engineered bolt with a unique application, for which there
is no standard ASTM fastener.

Our Projects
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Pacific Coast Bolt will draw upon our inventory of certified blanks or round bar – carbon, stainless and alloy – and manufacture the engineered bolt to the drawing’s exact specifications.  We likewise have the ability to thread through 4” – UN, UNC (Coarse) and UNF (Fine).

Our Hot Forging Process allows us the ability to heat raw material to approx. 2000 degrees F, forging the bolts heads to hex, square, track, carriage, socket and penta heads through 2 ¼”.

In addition to our forging and threading capabilities, Pacific
Coast Bolt has bending capabilities which allows us to manufacture non-standard U-Bolts, J-Bolts
and Anchor Bolts for our customer’s special applications.

As with standard bolting products, these special engineered
bolting products can be coated to fight corrosion.

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