The team at NeverGall has been hard at work. We’ve been trying to solve the age-old problem of stainless steel bolts and nuts galling or seizing when being tightened or loosened.

The solution? NeverGall. NeverGall is guaranteed to prevent galling or seizing from occurring during and after installation.

People everywhere – municipal maintenance workers, construction personnel, engineers, and manufacturers across industries – are anxious to try out our NeverGall coating process on their 300-series stainless steel bolts and nuts. See for yourself! Give NeverGall a try. Just think: you may NEVER need to buy another bolt – EVER. Imagine the savings for your company or utility on capital costs over the life of your system!

Let us prove to you that NeverGall can add efficiency to your bottom line.

The advantages involved with the Never Gall process includes:

anti galling coating

Eliminates galling and seizing on GS
stainless steel, titanium, aluminum bolt and
nut threads

NeverGall comes with a Limited Warranty Guarantee to never seize when
used in accordance with the bolt and nut manufacturers’ recommended
torque values. Thread dings, dents, sand, paint and debris are not a
deterrent to NeverGall. This product is considered a permanent lubricant
under normal conditions and use.

Keeps threaded stainless steel pipe and fittings from seizing

NeverGall is for use on threaded stainless steel pipe,
unions, fittings, and flanges in non-potable systems
only. It allows you to use Teflon tape instead of messy,
hard-to-remove coatings.

anti galling coating
anti galling coating

Offers an increased safety measure
for your crews

NeverGall helps your crews get in and out of holes,
pits, vaults, and other dangerous situations faster.
It virtually eliminates the need for cut off tools and
torches – just paint over NeverGall with 2-part marine
epoxy paint.

Increased productivity

Manufacturers, municipal maintenance / distribution crews
and contractors are finding an increase in production with
the use of NeverGall. It eliminates application time and mess
associated with the use of anti-seize lubricants. There is no
cleanup needed in post-production of equipment or prior to
painting with 2-part epoxy coatings. You can paint normally over
NeverGall with 2-part marine epoxy paint as seen in the attached
video. Notice how easy the nut can be removed!

anti galling coating
anti galling coating

Future Cost Savings

NeverGall offers potential multiple uses under manufacturer
recommended conditions.

**If you ever have to cut off a bolt and nut coated with NeverGall due to
galling or seizing, we will send you a new bolt and nut, free of charge
(see Limited Warranty for details).**

In addition to these advantages, Never Gall included a Limited Warranty to never seize when used in accordance with the bolt and nut manufacturer’s recommended torque values. Should you ever have to cut off a bolt and nut covered with Never Gall, due to galling or seizing, Never Gall will send you a new bolt and nut free of charge! Please check their website for the Limited Warranty details.


anti galling coating